Thursday, October 18, 2012

>>>Cosmetics Tips.......

There are the four cosmetics C's. Below are the four C's extracted from the book "beauty".
  • COMFORT: It's very often to hear questions like "If wearing powder, does foundation need?" How much makeup feels comfortable and leave it at that. Some don't feel fully dressed without foundation, others feel embalmed when they wear it. If you love lipstick but you're uncomfortable with eye makeup, go with the lips-or vice versa.
  • COLOR: Stick to the same color family. It's a major blunder to mix a warm lip shade (rust) with a cool blush (pink).
  • CONTOUR: Blend, blend, blend. Use brushes, sponges, velours, puffs, and fingers to soften the lines of demarcation. Nothing looks worse than rigid lines of color that divide the face into a harsh grid.
  • CONFIDENCE: A little attitude goes a long way. Even if you don't feel secure about your ability to apply makeup, fake it until you learn. Get yourself a good mirror, and, whenever possible, apply your makeup in natural light. Remember, makeup application is not rocket science; it's supposed to be easy and fun. But a lot of women are held back by the fear of doing something wrong. No matter what the counterperson or you best friend says, if you don't look good, because you won't have the confidence to pull it off. Go with your gut, but take a risk once in a while, too. Remember, you can always wash it off!

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