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>>> No. 1 acne treatment (Proactiv Solution) nayo ipo AK classic cosmetics

The outer appearance!!

Step 1.Cleanser; This gently removes excess oil and dead skin so as to keep pores from clogging.
Step 2.Toner: This helps to keep pores unplugged by reducing oil and dead skin cells.
Step 3. invisible treatment lotion which can be worn day/night so as to disrupt the acne cycle bellow the skin surface.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

>>CelaBright™: skin lightening product @AK Classic Cosmetics


Celabright Bullet Points

In addition to this product being tested for effectiveness, it was also tested for skin sensitivity. Out of the more than 50 participants in the skin sensitivity test, not one of them had any problems with skin irritation. This is important because some consumers have sensitive skin and may have an adverse reaction to other, non-tested skin lighteners.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

>>>Classic ShapeWear @ AK classic Cosmetics

Anti-Cellulite PantsBridal Body ShapersPadded Panties

Sio wote tuna muda wa kufanya mazoezi au ndio diet zimeshakataa basi tusi giveup,unanunua body shaper unavaa ndani ya nguo yoyote siri ya urembo unaijua mwenyewe.Bootylicious,Bridal Shapers,Cellulite fighters vyote vinapatikana AK Classic Cosmetics.

Strech Marks zina Tiba jamani njoo Ak Classic cosmetics!!

Unaweza ukazuia usipate na kama ulishazipata unaweza ukapunguza makali yake,Strech Mark unaweza ukapata sehemu mbalimbali za mwili.Hizo products na ushauri vinapatikana AK Classic Cosmetics.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

>>>How to Lift Breasts Without Surgery

Find a bra that says "push-up" on the tag. Usually, this type of bra has extra padding on the outside and bottom of each cup, lifting the breasts up and in. This is the simplest way to boost your bust and increase your cleavage.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Nail Polish

Jamani tusizisahau kucha zetu.Rangi zinapatikana AK Cosmetics,za aina zote,wewe tu.

Monday, July 16, 2012

>>>Its IMAN vs MAC nani mkali?

Iman yeye anaua ndege wawili kwa jiwe moja kitu kinakuwa na powder na foundation humo humo,hiyo nyeusi kwa wale wenye uso wa mfuta ,afu hiyo nyeupe kwa wale wenye  uso mkavu!!Kazi kwenu

Kila Mtu anamjua MAC,yes Mac but original MAC....Hii sasa ni shimmer

>>>The Must HAVE 4 MEN!!!

Polo by Raph Lauren one of the hottest designers!

wale wadada mnaopenda scent za kiume plz tafuteni hizi!!then mnipe feedback
Bongo hii kiukweli hutakiwi kukosa hizi mambo!!!wapi tena zaidi ya AK CLasSiC COSMeTiCs!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

>>>LOVE SPELL scent rated number ONE!!

I love victorias secret scents for special occasions. the scents are so delicious and give a boost of confidence for a special night out. it doesnt hurt that these creams are also very moisturizing. you'll get soft skin for hours!

Im addicted to all victoria secret scents and this lotion and amber romance is my absolute favorite. Ive been using it for quite some time and it has become my signature scent, its not too overwhelming but it definitely gets noticed by others  I love how soft my skin feels and I stay smelling good all day long. I will continue to buy this product .

Love using Victoria Secret hand and body cream. My favorite scent is Love Spell. Actually this is my signature summer scent. The body cream has a thick texture but goes on nice and smooth. Doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky. If you use Love Spell it will last all day. I've rec'd lots of compliments when wearing Love Spell. Smells so pretty as if you were wearing perfume. If you are looking for a quality body cream, I would definitely recommend Victoria Secret hand & body cream.

>>>Kwenye handbag yako zimo hiziii?Makeup Brushes

These are must have,no excuses.

>>>Eyeshadow,Eyeliner,Mascara,Eye Glitter

Vyote hivi vinapatikana dukani @AK CLASSIC ,Usisubiri siku ya vigeregere atiiiiiii!!

Dolce & Gabbana Lace Collection for Summer 2012

This provocative scene symbolizes a never ending contradiction, encapsulating the extremities of immaculate and intimate, pure and passionate. An enduring inspiration to Dolce & Gabbana and a recurrent theme in many of the Designers’ collections over the years, lace inspires the delicate drama of the Dolce & Gabbana Intenseyes new mascara which is the hero of the Lace Collection, offering a powerful sense of seduction tempered with intensely feminine beauty.

Friday, July 13, 2012

>>>Tips 4 Face Dry Skin..

Tip 1:

Should use scrubs to remove the dry scaly skin.

Apply ½ tsp of Vitamin E oil with 2-3 drops of lime juice and ½ tsp of glycerin.

Tip 2:
Apply a mixture of 1 tsp warm Olive oil with a few drops of glycerin and 2-3 drops of lime juice.

Face Dry Skin
Tip 3:

1 tsp of milk cream with2-3 drops of lime juice mixed well. This should be applied 10 minutes before a bath. It reduces the dryness and also is good when applied in Winter.

Tip 4:

Plain, whole milk, applied and left on for 10 minutes and washed with cold water helps.

This should be done twice a day.

Lip balm

I'm super picky about lip balms, but this one I wear every night before bed. It comes in a generous tin can, has a super nice feel to it (not waxy at all), just right thickness (not too hard nor soft), glides smoothly onto lips and never feels sticky. It has slight minty smell and cooling effect on lips, but it's soothing and comfortable because they didn't over do it like other brands. I'm going to go back and stock up on this.

First off, I love the cooling mint in this. It does a great job of giving my lips moisture and feels great on chapped lips. Not only do I have this in clear, but I also have this in two of the colors. The colors are sheer and shimmery.

Best lip balm I ever used. It conditioned my lips very well. Further, when used under allowed me to brush in my lipstick in a more defined manner ....and kept my lipstick on me for a longer time!!!!!! What a great product.

Obagi Nu Derm

Obagi Nu-Derm Starter Kit Normal / Dry

I am one of THE most high maintenance girls you will ever meet. Guaranteed.

High maintenance includes visits and purchases to Obagi. The amount I spend here is probably enough to buy a Chanel bag. But hey, nothing else works for me than Obagi products. Some people like me aren't lucky and have serious acne prone skin. I gotta do what I gotta do!
I visited Dr. Obagi once. I was expecting some snooty Dr., but he's actually rather nice and humorous! When I met him he was wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt. Very cute. Everyone here is really nice, receptionist, nurse and all.

My first review here  to my favorite place in Beverly Hills. Obagi is the best. For my skin Obagi is the only skin care program that works.Its quite pricey but its worth it. I swear by Obagi and will never use any other skincare line. I will never trust my skincare needs to any other doctors but Obagi.

This is by far the best skin treatment clinic & doctor. Although I spend about $2000/year for products and treatments, I think this is by far much less expensive than some of the "spa facials" and expensive cosmetics you buy from dept stores. I've been a patient of Dr Obagi for over 10 years and have referred everyone I know who is interested in skin care (some of my friends have had serious problems with pigmentation spots from sun exposure). My skin is i the best condition since my 30's (and I'm almost 60). Most people think I'm in my 40's. I cannot more highly recommend a skin treatment. Although you may have to wait to see Dr Obagi, it is worth the wait. He is very no nonsense and direct in his diagnosis. His daughter, Sandra, manages the San Gabriel clinic and does the facials (therapeutic, not be confused with spa facials). She is really good and takes time to answer questions and make recommendations).

Thursday, July 12, 2012

>>>Everyday Habits That Are Giving You Acne:-

1.Using makeup with ingredients that can cause irritation
2.Over-drying your face
4.Your laundry schedule 
5.The hair products you use
6.Using dirty makeup applicators
7.Your diet
8.Wearing the wrong fabrics
9.Spraying wrong perfume
10. Slide into bed without washing and treating your face

>>>Very SeXy by victorias secret

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Sheer Sexy Mist
I love this scent i am so picky when it comes to perfumes, but i wear this every day.

I use this to layer the fragrance before applying the actual perfume. I get compliments from men AND women whenever I wear this fragrance. It's definitely one of my signatures, but you've got to have the right body chemistry to be able to wear it.
I love this! it has a touch of feminism and sexiness added to it! its not as strong as the perfume, and more cheap. you can spray it as often and it still wont be too strong!

This stuff is the BEST... i get compliments every time i wear it.. the smell isn't too strong and it does last a long time... i have the lotion as well and i love it as well!!!!

I Really like the smell of this mist. it's not too strong nor is it too light. Just the perfect amount of scent/flavor! I like a lot and would recommend it to everyone!

My husband likes this scent on me the most. the mist is perfect for an all over sheer scent. i feel sexy and unstoppable with Very Sexy on.
I started using Very Sexy Body Mist a couple of years ago. It has such a sexy smell that your significant other is sure to love. This body mist has a very long lasting scent, that stays with you all day. Most body sprays I have used in the past, haven't smelled as strong, or stayed with me very long. You would think this is a perfume, instead of a body mist. It stays with you so long. This is one body mist you are sure to love!

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Ni kupata tu  kaelimu.Ndio vyote ni viatu ila inabidi uwe specific.Hizo kambakamba ndio Fringe zenyewe,lol

Mambo ya Unyayoziiiiii 2012 (Espadrilles)

Viatu style hii ndio vinaitwa Espadrilles. Mambo ya 2012 ukipenda nitafute unipe specification zako nikudondosheage!!

>>DO you have OILY FACE??

Amber Rose oily skin

"My mom taught me to put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and rub that on your face. It grabs oil and leaves your face shine-free — it works every time!"

"Clean & Clear oil-blotting sheets don't clog pores, and after a couple of blots your skin goes from shiny to a healthy, smooth glow. Plus, a 50-sheet pack can fit anywhere, even the tiniest of purses!"

"Make a mask from eggs and sugar. It's great for everyone!"

"This should be your daily routine:-Wash your face,use a Toner then apply Moisturizer.Use products which are oily free.Even Make Up should be oily free.There are a lot of products out there which are oily free.After Moisturizer you can put on Make Up."

"Wear face moisturizer with a sheer powder on top of that. It keeps your skin shine-free for up to 10 hours!"

 "Use a natural scrub. Honey and sugar together exfoliates skin nicely, while still moisturizing your skin. Try to find different natural face scrub recipes online and decide which ones will be best for your skin. Don't use scrubs too often, as they will dry out your skin, and not in a good way!"

"I mix baking soda and water and leave it on my skin for 10 minutes, then I rinse it and put witch hazel on. It makes my skin smooth and oil-free!"

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>Victorias Secret BOMBSHELL make up kits available @AK ClasSiC Cosmetics


30 eye shadow plus pop up mirror!

55 must have for eyes,lips&face plus pop up mirror!

55 must have for eyes,lips&face plus pop up mirror

6 Victorias secrets make up plus free fragrance!!

The Looooooooooooooooooook!!


Spring shimmer eye Kit

10 eyeshadow,1eyeliner&1 dual ended eye shadow brush