Monday, December 17, 2012

>>>Proactiv & Neutrogena wote wapo AK Cosmetics,wewe tu na chunusi zako.......!


As a teen, I struggled with acne. Not just little zits, but the deep and painful kind. NOTHING I tried ever worked. It either made my skin dry and flaky or really oily. It had a negative affect my confidence. I always wondered if people were looking at my acne when they talked to me.
I figured I was just "doomed" to have break outs and hoped it would clear up when I got older. I knew about Proactiv, but assumed it was just another acne solution that wouldn't work for me.
Boy, was I wrong! I've been using Proactiv daily for over a year now and couldn't be more happy with it. I love my skin now! It's so soft, clear of any blemishes, and glowing! Looking back, my only regret is not trying it sooner. Give it a try- you'll love it!
Complete Acne Therapy System
Before I used this product my skin was so oily and it would break out even when I used facial cleansers. Before I used this product my skin was awful and I was so embarrassed but now, I'm not ashamed of it and this product eliminates every break out.!!!

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